Iced Candied Orange Latté

We wish it was spring already so I made a simple syrup from blood and naval oranges with a cadied blood orange garnish.

Step 1

As all good cooks will tell you, “mise en place”. This means to have all your equipment and ingredients gathered and ready to begin!
What you will need:
2 of your favorite citrus (I used a blood and naval orange)
2 cups of water
2 cups of sugar
6 oz of milk or milk subsitute
1 shot of espresso 
12 oz cup

Step 2 Make syrup and garnish

Cut two of your favorite citrus into thin slices and boil them for two minutes in a shallow pan then place them in an ice pan.

Empty your water and replace with two fresh cups of water and two cups of granulated sugar, bring to a simmer. Add your citrus slices and simmer for 30mins, or until orange peel is almost transparent.

Lay out slices on parchment paper or a metal drying rack for 4 hours or over night. To store them after drying seperate with parcment paper between each slice.

With the remaining sugar liquid in your pan, pour into a jar or heat safe dish and allow to cool before covering.

Step 3 Make your Drink

Sugar the rim of your glass if desired. Place a few cubes of ice and milk (or milk sustitue) in your glass.

Pour 2 oz of your orange simple syrup in an espresso shot glass and pour shots over the srup while mixing. Pour this over your milk and garnish with your candied citrus slice.


You now have the perfect spring drink!

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