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How we Ship!

We have partnered with Sendle to ship every pakage as carbon neutral. This means that with every package sent a calculation is done to determine its CO2 costs and to reinvist that ammount in grops like the South Pole Project.

What is carbon neutral?

Increased carbon dioxide (and equivalent)—CO2e—levels are a significant and harmful contributor to climate change.

Most people don’t consider the environmental impact of their online shopping deliveries—just clickety-click and, like magic, it’s on your doorstep. But the logistics involved generate a huge amount of CO2—over 10% of global CO2e emissions are from transport and logistics.

Being carbon neutral means that your net release of CO2e into the atmosphere is zero.

Basically, whatever CO2e you emit is canceled out by a process known as ‘offsetting‘—that is, supporting projects that reduce emissions, like regenerating precious forest, replacing old equipment with more efficient technology, or even training communities in beekeeping!

Recent Projects to offset CO2


Restoring native forests and sequestering carbon on degraded agricultural land.

Livestock and feral animals on grazing properties across regional Australia can suppress forest growth. By excluding stock and managing pests in these areas, the Human-Induced Regeneration (HIR) method can restore forest cover. As trees grow, they improve habitat for native species and restore local ecosystem services. But that’s not all – regenerated native forests also sequester carbon, thereby creating an alternative revenue stream for rural landholders in the form of Australian Carbon Credit Units (ACCUs).

The numbers
  • Alternative income streams generated for landholders through the sale of carbon credits
  • 88,000 tCO2e emission reductions achieved to date as carbon is sequestered in regenerated trees
  • 27,000 hectares of habitat protected for native Australian wildlife and fire-dependent ecosystems supported
  • Increased biodiversity achieved through pest control and increased forest cover for native wildlife