Cupping Profile


Dark Chocolate | Walnut


Hazelnut | Cinnamon


Complex | Rich



black canyon coffee medium roast ethiopia yirga cheffe



Blend Origin

Nicaraguan Origin

Region | Dipilto, Nueva Segovia

Altitude | 2700-2960

Cultivar | Caturra

Process | Wet Washed, Patio Dried

Grade | Specialty High Grown

Farm Notes

Located in the Dipilto area, in an area with a pleasant microclimate, with ample sun for drying coffee. They mechanically wash the coffee using a Penagos depulper that removes the coffee cherry and mucilage layer in one pass, not relying on fermentation to break down the sticky fruit. The coffee is then soaked in tanks overnight with fresh water to further clean the seed before washing in long cement channels where any remaining fruit is removed by agitating the coffee with long wooden paddles as it moves to the end. The coffee is transported from the beneficio to Buenos Aires dry mill in Ocotal where it is dried and prepared for export.