We love our AeroPress!

It’s simple and unlike the espresso machine, doesn’t wake up the puppy.
Plus there is so many ways to use it for a perfect cup. Want our americano recipe?

Step 1

As all good cooks will tell you, “mise en place”. This means to have all your equipment and ingredients gathered and ready to begin!
What you will need:
Aero Press with paper filter
A mug of 12oz size
20 grams of espresso ground beans
12oz of 180°F water
If you don’t have a scale use 2 1/2 TBS of ground coffee beans

Step 2

Place your Aero Press with paper filter over your cup and add ground beans. Pour 3oz of your hot water (right above the 1 symbol) over the beans and let sit for 12 seconds.
Next use your Aero Press stirrer or a spoon and stir the water into the grounds for 20 seconds.
Wait for 30 seconds and then plung until the plunger pushes against the beans.
Remove your Aero Press and pour your remaining hot water into your espresso.

You now have the perfect americano!

Did you make it? Tag #blackcanyoncoffeeroasting to enter to win free coffee!