Deciding on size

The perfect ratio of making a chemex is 1:15

For every 1 gram of coffee add 15 grams of water.

This converts to 3 Tbsp of coffee for every 8oz of water

Chemex is a classic for a reason

Invented in 1941 by Peter Schlumbohm, this is a similar method to an american drip coffee maker. Through a little seffort you can enjoy the delicate aromas and notes that other methods tend to lose. 

Step 1

As all good cooks will tell you, “mise en place”. This means to have all your equipment and ingredients gathered and ready to begin!

What you will need:
6 cup Chemex with paper filter
A few of your favorite mugs
50 grams of course ground beans resembling sea salt size
25oz of 200°F water

Step 2

Unfold your filter and place it in your Chemex, ensuring that the doubled section is facing the pour spout.

Wet your entire filter and empty the water, this removes any strange paper taste you may encounter.

Step 3

Next bloom your coffee; add just enough water to wet all of your grounds and wait 30 second this will release remaining carbon dioxide in your beans and if your coffee is fresh you will see a foaming on the surface of your beans.

Step 4

Pour 1/4 of remaining water in a circular pattern starting in the center. Spiral out toward the edge of the grounds before spiraling back toward the middle. Avoid pouring on the filter. Allow the water to drip through the grounds before repeating this process three more times.

You now have the perfect chemex cup!

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