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The holy ratio

For every 1 gram of coffee add 12 grams of water.

Chemex is a classic for a reason

This is a personal favorite of mine for long nights or desk heavy days. I prefer using it with a dark or medium roast as it is perfect for retaining the strong flavanoid oils but will make a lighter roast lose its aromatics.

Step 1

As all good cooks will tell you, “mise en place”. This means to have all your equipment and ingredients gathered and ready to begin!

What you will need:
17oz French Prss
Your favorite mug
30 grams of course ground beans 
12oz of 200°F water

Step 2

Load your grounds into the bottom of your French Press and pour 3oz of your hot water over the beans stir so that all grounds are wet and wait 30 seconds. This is called blooming and releases any remaining carbon dioxide.

Step 3

Add your remaining hot water and mix with a spoon for 15 seconds. Place the lid gently on top and push plunger down just enough to touch the top of the water line. Wait for four minutes.

Step 4

Using continuous pressure slowly push down plunger until you reach the bottom. A few notes: if the plunger pushes down quickly with little resestance try using a finer grind next time, if it is difficult to plunge use a courser grind.

You now have the perfect french press!

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